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2018 Recruitment

Fall Rush is a cornerstone of our annual recruitment, however we do participate in Summer and Spring Rush. Each rush function is created to provide a very informal, laid back atmosphere in which brothers and potential new members can enjoy getting to know one another on a more personal level. Outside of our formal rush events, our house is always open, and you are more than welcome to stop by and introduce yourself.

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Andrew Beatty


Delta Chi offers one of the most complete fraternity experiences available at Auburn. The members of Delta Chi are known for the way they carry themselves on campus, their competitiveness in philanthropy and intramural sports, and their involvement on Auburn’s Campus.

Delta Chi also offers a great social scene with band parties, formals, and mixers. We have one of the closest brotherhoods on campus; from intramurals to brotherhood retreats to socials, you can always find brothers to hang out with and something fun to do. We have delicious meals for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday served at the house.

Delta Chi holds as its cardinal principles Friendship, Character, Justice, and Education. We would like to extend an invitation to Auburn Men who represent these qualities and to let us know more about themselves using this form.

Completing the form on the left will enable our rush chairman and his committee to contact you.